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Trust Guard is currently partnering with Conversion Sciences LLC., to provide value and conversion optimization to customers. The partnership will allow both companies to maximize their conversion abilities and reach to to target markets which includes E-Commerce business’ with traffic who need to increase conversion rates.

“It takes courage to subject your marketing claims to scientific proof. Trust Guard has done just that. We have been able to prove in tests that Trust Guard makes a material difference on their customers’ websites, and this makes us very comfortable in recommending them.” Said Brian Massey, Founder, Conversion Sciences LLC.

While both companies are known for increasing conversion they work on different ends of the spectrum. Trust Guard takes care of the third-party-verification and security end. They provide PCI Scanning as well as Third Party Verification with the goal of increasing client trust while protecting the website from vulnerabilities that are easily accessed by hackers. “Our Trust Seals build instant trust and a allow customers to shop freely and therefore immediately increase revenue for our clients.” Said Cresta Pillsbury, CMO, Trust Guard.

Conversion Sciences LLC., is best known for their focus on conversion optimization and converting traffic into buying customers. The company puts analytics and statistical proof as the base of their process giving their clients the opportunity to see what works and what will continue to work for them.

“Nothing is more fun than making a simple change to your website and seeing significant results. Trust Guard has hired us to prove that adding their seal makes website visitors more comfortable taking action.” – Said Massey.

Both companies have big hopes and seem confident with the decision to partner together. Founder Massey Said, “We find that the Trust Guard seal is a proven benefit to conversion rates for companies in almost any industry.We recommend Trust Guard to our clients, so we felt they were a natural fit for a partnership.” And Trust Guard matched his enthusiasm, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working alongside such a powerhouse as Conversion Sciences LLC., because of their reputation, and the fact that they are the most measurable agency in the field. It’s an excellent opportunity for both of us to increase our revenue and generate income for our clients.” Said Trust Guard CMO, Pillsbury.


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Since 2009, Google has been lauded for publishing “transparency reports” on government requests to take information offline. Each time a government official asks for a search result to be blocked or a YouTube video to be removed, Google marks down the request and discloses the number of such takedowns each nation has asked for every six months or so.

While a worthy cause for transparency advocates, the reports make for dry reading — which is why designer Sebastian Sadowski recently created a visualization of all Google’s transparency reports from 2010 to 2012 for 55 nations.

The most obvious trend revealed by Sadowski’s visualization: around the world, requests for censorship are increasing. Globally, Google has received 7,047 takedown requests during the 2.5-year period beginning in July 2010. However, 2,285, or nearly a third, of those takedown requests occurred during the last six months of 2012…to read more visit Huffington Post. 

As the premier source for Marines to get gear, share stories, find buddies, and carry on the traditions of this great brotherhood,, recently ran an A-B-C split test comparing the top two online security companies head to head. The split-test was conducted to statistically analyze which security company would use for their website.

“We decided to test Trust Guard against McAfee Secure due to the potential cost-savings of switching. We started a split test using the two different seals and a version without a seal. The conversion rates fluctuated through the test and we quit the test early with Trust Guard ahead of the other two. We were satisfied that the conversion rate was at least as good as McAfee SECURE and for 1/8th the price,” said Caleb Glave, SGT Grit Marine Specialties,

Trust, a well-known and important factor in running a successful business is the reason that Trust Guard believes that having third-party-verification is so important and so much more profitable.

“We know from years of experience in the business, and from extensive research, that having a safe website, especially one that’s been scanned,has huge benefits. Your visitors will know that your website is safe when it displays a trust mark or seal by Trust Guard. Visitors, who feel safe, tend to stay on your site longer, and more of them become customers. As a result your conversion rate goes up and you make more sales. Being able to do that at a fraction of the cost is just an added bonus,” added Trust Guard’s CMO Cresta Pillsbury.

About Trust Guard Certification Seals

Trust Guard Seals or marks help satisfy your customer’s security, privacy, and business identity concerns in a way that no one else can, so website owners make approximately 9-15% more sales.The Trust Guard PCI Security Scanis the first line of defense in protecting you and your customers from hackers and attacks, by actively scanning your website for over 45,400 known vulnerabilities every day (during off peak hours). In addition, we also combine this product with our industry leading 3rd party website verification service for additional credibility.

About SGT Grit Marine Specialties

Sgt Grit began in 1988 with one t-shirt and a strong desire to help Marines. It progressed from being a business run out of the basement of his home, to a 22,500 sq. ft. warehouse and showroom with everything a Marine can imagine. Future goals include adding to the existing warehouse and becoming the primary source for Marines to get gear, share stories, find buddies, and carry on the traditions of this great Brotherhood. Grunt is located in Oklahoma City.

About Trust Guard

Trust Guard, LLC is a division of Global Marketing Strategies LLC. (GMS) – An eCommerce security and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company with over 15 years of online sales and marketing experience. Trust Guard specializes in Website Security, Privacy, and Business Verification Seals that build customer trust and loyalty, increase online sales, and improve website credibility. Trust Guard also offers PCI Compliant security scanning that checks for over 45,400 vulnerabilities hackers might use to compromise websites. For more test results and website security information, please visit or our YouTube channel with the latest trust mark / logo / seal test.

SGT Grit Marine Specialties
Caleb Glave
Securities Officer

Trust Guard Contact
Cresta Pillsbury
Chief Marketing Officer

Stacks And Stacks, a homeware e-retailer, both a leader and pioneer in offering products to organize and furnish homes, offices and gardens since 1984, has increased their Website security by switching to Trust Guard. The Richmond, California-based company made the Website security change recently, saying that Trust Guard is more affordable and more accessible than other security programs. Shortly after the switch, Stacks And Stacks was surprised to learn they had two previously undetected vulnerabilities, which have since been fixed. They are more confident than ever that they made the right choice for both their business needs and their customer’s safety and security. is a company that puts customers first. Being able to offer them the best selection at the best price fits right in with giving them a secure place to shop and feel safe. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to use Trust Guard to fill that requirement. We ran an AB test with Trust Guard against their current Security provider using a 3rd Party Testing Company. Trust Guard beat this provider by 12.2% and at a fraction of the cost! It just affirms for us that we are giving our customers the confidence they need in order to purchase from us.” Cathy McManus, Marketing Director,

The proof is in the third-party testing according to Christopher Johnson Vice President, Business Development, “As a certified partner of Trust Guard we ran our experiment on more than 55,000 visitors to The only difference in the pages we tested were the security seals. The Trust Guard seal boosted conversion rate by an amazing 12.2%! Switching to Trust Guard has been a resounding success for”

Trust Guard, a Website Security, Privacy, and Business Verification Seals expert, were not surprised to have found vulnerabilities that seemed to have been overlooked by the previous provider. According to Trust Guard, all vulnerabilities are dangerous to e-retailers, since Website security can easily make or break a business. The world has seen many companies in the past few years left bankrupt after word spread of a breach.

Cresta Pillsbury, CMO for Trust Guard said, “I cannot begin to emphasize how absolutely critical security is to the continued growth of the company. When came to us and we ran our initial scan we found two medium vulnerabilities that should have been detected by their current provider. They were easily fixed, but the fact that they were not detected should give e-tailers a rise for concern. We’ve just seen too many merchants come over to us from other security providers and we have been able to uncover serious security holes at companies that were absolutely convinced they were secure. Not only do we help e-commerce merchants get secure and remain secure, Trust Guard is a win-win for the merchant because it delivers an ROI that is extremely difficult to obtain from other security or Website optimization services.”

Stacks And Stacks hopes that by maintaining a high security standard they are adequately portraying their core values to customers. It is important for them to be honest and fair, with a high standard of integrity, innovative, flexible and customer focused. They always want their customers to know that they come first.

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